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A rather quirky, funny and sometimes daunting look in to the life of someone who has a lot of health problems but does their best to keep positive. Punctuated by guinea pigs, anime, superheroes, transforming robots and cross stitching.

I started this blog to tell my story, about who I am and what I do. On top of the health problems and raising awareness for those, I also use my blog as a way to help promote other causes, particularly ones which affect the most vulnerable. I live with a number of different and complex health problems but I refuse to let anything get me down. I know how it feels to be discriminated against or thrown aside. This is me. This is my life. I live it and do what I want with it. Nature sets the limitations. We set the boundaries.

About Me:

A blog about life. I live with Type 1 Brittle Asthma, Bi-Polar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as well as Various Allergies, Neutropenia, Crohns Disease (my IBS was rediagnosed as Crohns), Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, PCOS and Osteoporosis and Heredetary Spastic Paraplegia. I have recently also been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea (which makes me stop breathing in my sleep) I live with these conditions, but I refuse to let them keep me down and out. I still try and make the most of my days despite being so poorly and having to rely on my wheelchair, nebulisers, nearly 50 pills a day and 2l/min of oxygen and CPAP.

I'll flap my broken wings and erase it all someday... You'll see.

Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year...

As 2010 draws to a close, I am ready and willing to face the new year with eyes wide open and ready to accept and conquer the new challenges that lie ahead of me me, with grace, humor and, of course, courage to speak up when things aren't so good and ask for help. I am not going to set unattainable goals for myself, as doing so will only encourage me to become melancholy when I fall flat on my face.

Before I get in to all that, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on this year. The good, the bad, the wins and of course the losses which made the victories seem even sweeter. Well, I started this year with the mother of all infections and was in such a state that I was tired and in hospital. I couldn't breathe well at all and felt as though there was no hope in sight as we started the quest to get me on home nebulisers. We got the referral to Birmingham Chest Clinic by a group of us, Steve, Nathaniel, Bean and myself. We all went to see Dr Pike and after a good long talk about how I was, and the quality of life I had at that moment, we went to get a specialist view.

I struggled on, through college shoots (passing out on one and falling asleep at a table on another, poor Sean had to poke me a few times because I was so tired) and plenty of other things. I think the most memorable and the one where I really summoned what was left of my strength was the Worcester Uni shoot. We had a hospital scene (of all things) and I really came in to my own by helping dress everything for authenticity. We had dummy drip lines. Who better to apply them than the one member of the team with the bleary eyes, all the pills and inhalers in their backpack and multiple healing sites where drips had been atatched and ABG's had been taken less than 24 hours before. I felt good for all the help I gave the team. OK having attacks around them, that was something else entirely.

So we crawled in to March. All the Pred and Olanzapine (an Antipsychotic I used to take for Bi-Polar) had bloated me to the point where I looked like I had been inflated with a bike pump! I was ashamed of myself and began to hide away, but I had an appointment to go to. I felt like a rabbit in the headlights. My palms were sweaty, I was trembling and scared. Little did I know, but my life was about to change so much. After a long chat with a young registrar by the name of Dr Snelson, during which she comforted me as I told her how miserable I was, how often I was so poorly I couldn't function and how I needed just to get well, she started my home nebulisers and said it was astonishing that I wasn't using them already. All I needed now, was to get a pump and nebules from my GP.

I got my nebules from Dr Pike and he was glad that we were moving forward. I think it always made Dr Pike quite sad to watch me go from a pretty healthy and active 18-19 year old, to 22, scared and struggling to breathe or do simple things. He prescribed them and gave me very strict instructions, about use, pred and other things. We finally felt as though we were getting somewhere, now all I needed was a nebuliser compressor. And my dear friend Penny helped me there. She gave me a Freeway Freedom home nebuliser unit. It has been my companion ever since that day and have even been on stage with it at my side.

I think everything went well from there, I followed Rachy on her transplant journey, shedding tears whenever things went awry, smiling at her progress. She really is inspirational and wonderful and to see her doing as well as she is makes me feel so proud to be acquainted with such a sweet and gentle soul. As for me, well I started rebuilding myself and joined Omen Shadow. We worked together and I really enjoyed myself, I was looking forward to our first gig, but just 2 weeks away from it, I had an accident.

It was May 10th. A wonderfully warm and sunny day. I had an appointment in Birmingham for a CT Scan of my chest (that in itself will be another story) so I went to the unfamiliar place of Adderley Park. I got off my train, asked some directions and got walking. It was a 2 mile walk I later found out. I was about halfway there and I tripped on a paving stone, my left foot rolled in under me and I heard a slight pop. I stopped as this lady asked if I was OK, I smiled and said I would be fine. I was convinced it would just be muscular and would ease as I walked on it. Shock can be a funny thing, but this is either a testament to my bullheadedness, or just my stupidity at times, or even a bit of both. I hobbled the final mile.

By the time I got to my appointment, got changed in to their gown and put my clothes and shoes in to the bag, I was nearly in tears. I did my scan and was frogmarched by a nurse to A & E. I sat for a while waiting and talking to these two lovely girls, one of which was amused by my stories about the things I got up to. Turns out I have a lot of funny stories and anecdotes, often at the mercy of doctors and they can be very entertaining. Eventually, I was called through, sent for an X-Ray and given a pair of crutches to help me walk. We didn't think it was broken.

OK, we were wrong, turned out I had a spiral fracture of my 5th metatarsal. I was put in plaster and Steve and Martin came and helped me home. We laughed all the way and I went on stage at Kingsley Battle of the Bands and at the Queens Head a few weeks later with an Air Cast and crutches, playing while sat on a stool. I felt like a right plonker, but I played and went for it.

Now, here comes the EVEN funnier story. I was out of my Air Cast (after 8 weeks of it) for about 1 or 2 weeks, I can never remember which, and me being me I did something. Like my brother and mother, I have a bit of a temper on me. It takes a while, but I can be vicious when I get going but there we go. I was in a mood about something (I think Steve was irritating me by sulking about something or other, its THAT important I don't remember it) and I had been on this training course thing with the Job Centre, that was a bust so less said there the better, and was in a really foul mood. So after all of it, what did I do? Vent like a normal person? Scream or lash out at what was annoying me? Punch a pillow? No, those would have been sensible. I looked at the door, backed down for a second... then I launched my fist as hard as I could, denting the door. Breaking the 5th metacarpal on my right hand. 6 weeks in plaster later and that healed and I could play bass again.

What of my chest by this point? Well... it did what it does best, create and land me in hospital. OK it wasn't as often as last year, but the times I was in, I was staying and needed help. It was a frustrating and irritating summer really. Although I met Dr Mansur, my consultant, who started me on a couple of new medications, and other things which helped me get at least a little more comfortable. Kind of.

On the plus, my time spent not really doing anything has put me in touch with someone called JP who I have joined with in a band. This will be fun and we are having our first practice next week so this will be fun.

So, my aims for 2011?
  • Get out of the YMCA.
  • Finish my HND
  • Less hospital visits
  • Do something nice for myself at least once a day.
  • Tone up and look good again.
  • SMILE more.

Wendy xx

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Struggling somewhat...

After last night's attacks and other problems, I have found myself struggling quite a bit today, and catching my breath seems to be a bit of an issue. But if I am honest, this is the usual effect of a chest infection, something that even though it is not a pleasant concept, it seems to be something I contracted as a result of going to a certain house. It did get me thinking, and then I made a decision and picked up the telephone and called Redditch Social Services, I think after all of this, it has gone on for WAY too long and there is no good to come of any of this anymore.

As for me, well, I am just dealing the only way I know how. Just doing it and doing what I can to eliminate the symptoms as they arise and keep an eye on things if they get more hairy, but I am hoping that it doesn't come to that, not after last time and Steve's reactions to it. OK this was before the Sertraline was started, so maybe if I have to, I will have to just bite the bullet and get help when I need it. Although I pray for it not to come to that again.

As for the noise problem here, well thats as bad as ever. The people above us are horrendously noisy and the guy next to us thinks we're the ones doing it, so he blasts his music as payback, problem it isn't us, I keep it very quiet as I don't like loud music unless I am out at a gig. It is like living below one nightclub and next to another and its not a pleasurable thing. I wouldn't mind as much if it wasn't all Dub-Step which is just a headache in the making. Nothing makes me more grumpy than people being inconsiderate. By nature I am not a grumpy person, but when I am denied the minimal of peace, quiet and a chance to recuperate I do get a little annoyed as I know and understand all too well the consequences of this and its not fun.

In myself, I feel better as I am not being sick constantly now, so at least there is a positive there, and I am a little less achy, I guess what is annoying me the most is the strange gunk I am shifting off my chest as it is a lovely reddish brown colour and tastes a little odd, but I could have torn something from the vomiting and coughing of the last few days, so it is just a case of watch this space and hope for the best really.

Wendy xx

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

After Christmas...

I return and hope you all had a nice Christmas and soon I hope you all have a happy new year to match. My Christmas has been an eventful one to say the least, but thanks to Steve, it was at least fun.

It all started on Christmas Eve when I was preparing the veggies for dinner. I was peeling spuds, carrots and sprouts. Everything had been so quiet until I got stuck in to my sprouts and I could hear a familiar squeaking and purring. I walked over to the guinea pig cage, only to be met by the loudest WHEEEEEK! from Patch. By this point the little nutter was climbing the cage and wheeking loudly at me until I checked online whether it would be OK to give them a sprout or two. So the piggies have been spoiled with a few sprouts and they have been very happy about this.

The next morning we woke, had breakfast and our Christmas morning together and it was just as Christmas morning should be, quiet and spent in the company of someone who means the world to me. We cooked lunch together and I set to my surprise for Steve, the complete Sims 2 and my own upgrades, needless to say he was happy about this.

Then was the trip to see his dad. I would be lying if I said I found this a highlight of my day, but as he is a member of Steve's family and family is important, I bared it. Big mistake. First there was the dust, which set me nebbing within minutes. Is it really that much of an effort to dust?! Then there was the toilet which was frankly shameful. I won't go in to that, as it is not a pleasant thing. Then there was the cup of tea, in a filthy and cross-contaminated cup, the result of which was I spent all day yesterday vomiting so violently that I couldn't even keep water down for a long time. It was really not fun, we wound up calling NHS direct for advice as we were getting worried when I sip of water turned me in to a fountain. It cleared in the end, leaving me just a little tired and drained today.

Today was better, JP came round for a while and we played a game called Last Word. It involved cards with subjects and letters and you end up having to find words that start with the selected letter. Mad, but absolutely hilarious! My asthma was being its usual grumpy self, so I was a bit subdued really, but have been amusing myself with the antics of some l'Cie (FFXIII) and a bit of Dissidia.

Wendy xx 

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

A short post for today, but I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful new year to come. It's been a better year this year and I have really learned the value of my friends and by extension and definition, my wonderful family who have been there to support me and give me strength. You are all awesome and I hope to see more of you in the next 12 months.

I also want to give thanks to everyone who has helped me overcome and learn to live with my condition, you have all given me a light at the end of the tunnel when I really believed all hope was gone. As well as my band-mates, Ant, Rich and Twitch who have boosted my confidence and made me no longer afraid to come out of my own home for fear of anything.

I am thankful for Penny and Becky who have been there to support me and advise when I felt scared or alone.

And lastly, I am thankful to Cat, Stacey, Nathaniel and JP, who have always been there for me with a smile and just a general chat.

Wendy x

Friday, 24 December 2010

A great night of music... followed by a not so fun night....

Last night's gig was a great laugh, even if we had our share of set-backs, although it was nothing on what happened to Labas! who had to endure 2 power cuts, a fire alarm and a few other things. However they like many other good showmen, (and women respectively) they managed to entertain and put on a show. The guys were awesome, and had such a laugh.

The other band that played last night was a band called "The Nightmare Circus" another great band and set of guys, I got talking to them after the show, they enjoyed our set, and we enjoyed theirs, so that is a definate plus. It is a great chance to find other local bands and set up a link, if you can network with enough people at a gig, it will practically guarantee that you will be asked to support again in the future. As for me, after the set, I was networking with as many different people, from bands, to audience members, and I was given some incredible opportunities, but as one of them is a secret from John to the rest of Labas! I will keep my gob shut for now.

We played well, other than a few slip-ups, a flying nebuliser and my puffers deciding that at the last song they REALLY didn't want to know, so after a few nebs and a rest, I decided that I needed to get my tight-laced corset off. After that, I enjoyed my night, talked with friends and was genuinely back to where I was 2 years ago, even with limitations.

Roll around to bedtime, the story was a little less than rosy. I was up until 5 this morning nebbing every 20 minutes and struggling to keep peak flow up past the 200 l/min mark. I probably should have gone in, but with the snow outside, and ambulances struggling as it is, I decided to persevere until morning and if no better call GP for guidance. Luckily around 5, things had calmed down enough so I could get some sleep, which really helped me recover a bit. That was until upstairs decided that it was appropriate to play their dance music at such a volume that everyone in the 16 - 24 flats around them could hear them and they were getting seriously annoyed. Next door originally thought it was us, until we showed him where it was coming from.

Unfortunately, the situation stands that I have had 4 hours sleep, and I have no idea what my peak flow is yet, not felt brave enough to have a go at it... if I need to neb more regularly than every hour today then I will have to go in, no questions asked.

I will take this chance here and now to wish you all a VERY Happy Christmas and a Safe, Prosperous New Year.

Stay Safe

Wendy x

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Misunderstandings, Reconcilliation and Excitement.

Christmas is that time of year when you see so much of the negative aspects of human behavior. Greed, selfishness and ultimately families disintegrating, children screaming in shops and hitting other people. People shoving others out of the way. Fighting over tinsel and turkey. What I don't get is why people act like this these days.

When I was a kid, Christmas was a magical time of year and no matter what trouble we had in the year, it was all forgotten and the family would be together. Even the year of my parent's divorce, we all found a way of being together on Christmas day with the rest of the family. Christmas eve was always spent at my Nan Jordan's. Nan would make a huge spread and the rest of the family would drop in, we'd all exchange greetings and some gifts and around about 7, Nan would always put "The Snowman" on BBC. My brothers and I would all sit together, Stephen would be complaining about how he didn't want to watch it and then as soon as the opening piano theme of "Walking In The Air" began he would sit watching with the rest of us.

Christmas day would always begin with Stephen coming in to my room and waking me up, then when I was up, we would go to my parent's room and ask "Mum, Dad, can we get up?" and eventually we were allowed downstairs to see a huge heap of presents for us. One of my fonder memories would have been the year I got a Barbie Horse Trailer and Stephen got an Action Man Jeep. Dad had assembled the Jeep days before and wrapped the empty box. A bemused Stephen had to watch my Dad wheel in his ready built and set up Jeep. And HE LOVED IT! My Dad and I spent the morning assembling my Barbie Horse Trailer. He was good at things like that.

Another thing that made me laugh as a child was when our Labrador Cross, Judy found the Christmas Cake. I was only 4 at the time, but my mum found the poor dog swaying and staggering. My Mum had a habit at Christmas for putting lots of rum in the cake... Enough said really...

This is what Christmas should be about. Family and friends. Speaking of friends, I have manage to reconcile with an old friend recently so I am very happy about this.

Wendy x

Gig Tonight!

I am really looking forward to tonight, Omen Shadow are playing and it is going to be so much FUN! Am I nervous? Maybe a little, but I know it will pay off and will be a good night. As for today, I am pampering, and indulging myself so that when I go on stage, laced in and looking amazing, the lights start and the crowd get jumping, I can really adopt my own stage persona. Stage Wendy is fearless, energetic and most of all passionate.

So far my pink hair has gone down a treat and people have been really receptive to it. I think sometimes by changing something that at first seems small or trivial, you can really wash over with a new lease of life and I think thats what I was going for. I was getting sick of the frumpy and depressed look and wanted to show people what I look like, and I think I finally achieved it, I found ME again.

These last couple of days, I have been feeling a bit crap due to this and that, mainly I was getting frustrated that things were a bit pants really when it came to my chest. I am so desperate to go back to working and living what was a normal life for me and I think because of that, I forgot what was really important, accepting what is real now, and leaving my fantasy world where every illness has a cure and everything works out perfect for everyone. I was being idealistic and taking hope just that little bit too far and then getting depressed and miserable when things didn't work out that way, even though, I should have known really that it wouldn't. There is a difference in accepting your lot and being a defeatist, and I know that now.

So this morning, I woke up, took my peak flow and had a neb. I didn't feel like I had failed or like I was weak and pitiful. I saw myself as a strong and confident young lady who, yes goes through a lot, but goes forward and does what she needs to.

I also want to wish a friend of mine a rapid recovery and hope she gets free of the hospital in time for Christmas.

Wendy x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My new Look!!!!

OK, I can't wait to unveil my new look! First though, I really need to explain why it was needed in the 1st place. For the last year, frankly, I have looked so homely and unkempt, my hair was never brushed, the colour looked horrible, and my clothes were frankly, drab and screamed of depression. It wasn't that I never bathed or anything gross like that, I just never bothered with making myself look good, never saw the point as the only place I was headed was the hospital. I guess depression hit me harder than I ever let on, but I guess these things slip.

Today, after a long talk with Steve about how un-me I was feeling, in a baggy shirt and clothes that looked OK on me when I was fatter, I dug through some of my older clothes, and it was like finding old friends, they fit and looked great on me. I then decided to turn my attention to my long hair, after a good brushing, and deliberating, I decided that I'd like to dye it again. Before all of this, I was always dying my hair and dressing up nicely. The colours I would choose were wild and vibrant, purple with pink streaks, blue and black, purple, red, you name it really.

So, on my travels, I wandered in to Wilkos and got some candy pink hair dye, and when I got home, spent the best part of an hour applying it, and wrapping my head in tin foil (as funny as that looked), having a bath, getting dressed in some nice clothes and getting ready to go out as me.

I am happy to say that the pink has taken nicely and it looks similar to Vanille in FFXIII :D

Sincere Apolgies and an explanation...

I owe you all a real apology as to my absence for the last week or so. An error occured with the direct debit for our cable bill so we were cut off, until just today when we were finally able to settle it and get things back in time for Christmas. It has been a bit of a turbulent week, I must admit with my asthma kicking me around (Prednisolone is now up to 30mg, really am not happy about this at all) and all I have really done for the last few days is sleep, cry and try not to feel so pants really.

Redditch is covered with a thick blanket of 8 inches of snow and icicles hanging off the rooftops, looks very Christmassy and festive. And I decided on a new look for myself, I can't say much at the moment, but when I get some pictures, well I think a lot of people are going to be happy to see my old self coming back through.

As well as finally being ableto get everything back on track, I am happy about the fact that Omen Shadow are playing tomorrow night at the Queens Head in Redditch. This is going to be fun!


Wendy x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Halfway through Advent...

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us. I am really looking forward to it, especially as we're spending it as a couple this year, rather than last years wash out. Christmas at Steve's dad's, food poisoning, severe bacterial infection of my lungs resulting in pneumonia and a horrible whiplash injury from a car incident that was from an idiot creeping over a roundabout in the ice so that he could gawk at an accident that happened. Add in arguements about money, painkillers and anything else that happened. It was horrid.

I have already had the best Christmas present I could have received. No, it wasn't a material thing. It was something more poignant. We managed to break the cycle of negative mentality in Steve. Working out the use of mind control so that he persistently continued with negative and unpleasant behaviors. Since starting the Sertraline, its like I have my Steve back and its such a good thing. Yes there was the unpleasant side effect of panic attacks to start with but when you have been stuck in one attitude for a long time, I guess its hard to stop straight away and not feel a bit confused.

In myself, I feel better as I have been able to return to my old love of writing. I may never make millions with it, but it is such a relaxing way of spending my time. I spend most of my time in Midgar musing and cooking up my stories, but there we go. I would love to get some of my work published and share my writing with everyone who wants to read. I have an imagination that can make a scene come alive in my head, and it really keeps me happy.

Wendy x

How it feels to be alive...

I realised the strangest thing on Thursday night, and it only took me till now to work out how I really felt about it. It was the first time in a while (last time was when I broke my hand, not a wise thing to do but I was angry and it was punch the door or someone else), that the band played at Top Banana. Usually we practice at Rich's place, of course with his parent's kind permission and Rich's own wonderful hospitality, and it is such a good laugh and we have fun, but it felt amazing to play at a proper studio and on a live kit.

It gave the songs this amazing new lease of life and when we flew in to my particular favourite, "The Call To Arms" I was completely pumped and bounced around and danced, until I became light headed and nearly passed out. I went home from practice sore, but so so SO happy that I just couldn't stop grinning, even though my lungs were screaming.

I have always enjoyed playing in bands. Way back I used to sing in a band that myself and my then boyfriend Mike had started called Sleepy Down. The room we were in last night was the one that we usually used for those practices. I remembered so well the days, nights and the rest of it that we dedicated to writing our songs and getting ready for the 3 gigs we did. I could almost see myself at 17, 18 or even 19 years old, sitting with my notebook writing lyrics or bounding over to the mic to concoct some kind of melody. I missed that plucky young girl and it was nice to get back in touch with her again. I almost felt as though I was 18 years old again and bouncing around madly, just using a blue inhaler and not worrying about the scarring in my lungs as it hadn't been created yet.

I guess this whole playing in a band experience, and singing in another band with JP, have both helped bring me back to who I was and who I should be, and I like that as it is such a positive feeling and I can't help but smile and laugh because everything feels 10 times easier and even though my body is physically crap at the moment, I know I will get there and overcome things. I took advantage of what I used to have and who I used to be and that left me with nothing when all that went away. I won't ever do that again and I will appreciate every day that little bit more and be thankful for every day I can go without using my nebuliser or calling for an ambulance.

My brother Richard and his partner Gemma have had a baby this week and this made me smile like a Cheshire cat! Baby Lincoln was born on the 9th December 2010 and I am happy to say that both mother and baby are doing well!

Wendy x

Friday, 10 December 2010

Things bugging me...

Ever have one of those days where there is just so many things bugging you that you can't seem to just have quiet serenity? I think today is one of those days. I spend so much time taking the step back from my problems and looking at them from another perspective that I forget to take the step forward. As a result, I forget that the thing I was looking at was actually the reality of my own life, and its like a bubble bursts and all I can see is the cold reality of what my life is and that leaves me feeling blue and longing for my old life.

My old life was a lot more positive and comfortable and my body wasn't slowly falling apart from under me. I used to be able to walk for miles and not have to think about inhalers, nebulisers or a cocktail of pills that keep me going. I guess thats why I started getting annoyed with Steve telling everyone and anyone about his 50mg of Sertraline and shouting about it in public. These things aren't a novelty, they are real things and they have real effects on you. I take the same drug, and I have 3 times that and I don't complain about it or boast as NO ONE CARES. Maybe what rattled my cage is the fact he was on about having 1 pill a day, when I have a whole mess of pills and other things, call me silly, but I thought that was a little insensitive and tactless, but that could be just me.

I guess I never wanted to see what was happening to me as its not pretty nor is it fun. It makes me wonder why someone would want to be exactly in my shoes?

Wendy x

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


This was out of the blue, but I have always been advised to keep an eye on how my body behaves, things like Peak Flow, Temperature and now Blood Pressure. This came from the nurse measuring it when I went for my blood tests to find it was really low. It has ALWAYS been low, but she seemed a little worried so I decided to humor her. So I brought a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. A strange gadget really that takes an accurate reading of blood pressure at home.

I got home and had a rest for a while, after sorting out a million and one things in one day, well not literally, but when you've been up since about 8 and have only really gotten to settle down and chill out round about now. It has been MAD!

First things first it was payday... This is a sure-fire way to stress, tears and a downswing that lasts for days and a guilt cycle if I spend my share that little bit wiser. So I was already on edge on this one so I just did what I usually do, focus on the first task ahead and get moving.

The first task was an appointment with Dr Pike. It started with some excellent news that other than a slight raise to my cholesterol (and I mean it was abnormal by 0.1 mmol/L) but as my weight loss has been excellent just lately we don't think this will be an issue and when we repeat all my tests in 3 months time (monitoring how my body is working) it will be reduced and a LOT better. The main thing we were worried about was my blood glucose levels. People being treated with anti-psychotics and steroids (amongst other things) can develop diabetes as a result. We wanted to check this out and make sure that this wouldn't be an issue, and it was GREAT news, my blood glucose levels were perfect!! I was so happy about this.

We then went over my recent A & E trip and make sure that all of the muck was clearing off my chest and I am on the road to recovery. More good news is that this is all clearing up and I am starting to feel a lot better. A good listen and it sounds like its all going well other than a mild flu bug that has been going round congesting my nose and making me feel a bit deflated and tired. I am dancing as this is all FANTASTIC news and after the last week, this was just what I needed a clean bill of health for once. We renewed my sick note, although my infection is going away and all is good there, my asthma is STILL on a mission to wind me up, Dr Pike advised me to keep up with my nebs and inhalers, and I really was looking better than I had in a while. Since having my neb at home, things have been so much better. I can get on top of things before they get so bad that I need to go in to hospital, which is as reassuring as it is a boost to my morale.

Yet again, I digress, I then went to collect my prescription, we had to be back at the Doctor's for about 11:40 anyway as Steve had an appointment to see Dr Pike, but we had about 2 hours to kill. We decided that we would go and get our household things, take those home with us and then head on home for a bit. We did this and chilled out for a good while, a nice drink, before heading off to take in my sick note to the Job Centre, post off a few other forms and what have you.

Then for once it was my turn to be in the chaperone's chair. It felt a little surreal, I will admit that and I helped Steve explain what was wrong, after a good chat with the student doctor Sara, and another chat with Dr Pike, it was decided that Steve had a depressive illness. I had expected that to be quite honest. He's been started on some tablets and by the looks of things, I think he'll be OK. So that went well.

The last big job today was food shopping. How mad are supermarkets this time of year!! We also got our decorations for Christmas up and the flat looks WOW! This time last year, everything was so depressing and the only things we had were the cast offs Steve's dad didn't want. Our money was really messed up and we had nothing. Between us, we were so miserable and I was always getting sick. I can honestly say that was a low point where I made the promise that this year would be 100% better than last year. I NEVER wanted to have that sort of low ever again and the admission to hospital on boxing day really was the icing on the shit-cake, but that is another story.

So after a mad day, I managed to take a resting blood pressure reading... 96 / 58 with a pulse of 100, I had to laugh, after a mad stressful day I really expected it to be something ridiculously high!

Love ya muchly!
Wendy x

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Feeling off...

I guess by now, I would have really expected to have been feeling loads better by now and my asthma wouldn't be anywhere near as twitchy or a pain in the neck. I am feeling a bit better I will admit but its not as far along as I would have wanted to be. My Peak Flow has barely been over 250 l/min after a nebuliser and even as low as 90 l/min before hand. So you can imagine my frustration as I keep up with my regimen of pills, nebulisers and inhalers.

I'm barely eating much at the moment and all I seem to want to do is play on Sims 2, sleep and sew. The problem is, at the moment all of these seem to leave me shattered and even the smallest movements leave me gasping for breath. I can't lie on my left side at all right now or I can't breathe at all and am coughing up thick green mucus which I get the feeling that if it weren't for the saline, I wouldn't shift at all. I have my appointment with Dr Pike tomorrow so hopefully we can make a decision on this one as the fluid hasn't budged by itself yet, although it probably won't until the infection clears up. The kicker, this is the same infection I have been fighting since last month, but each course has just backed it down and its flared right back up again. I have had this before and it nearly resulted in an ITU admission which I really don't wish to be facing again.

I guess what this is, is a general answer to all those who are ask me how I feel right now, its so complex and its a nightmare to keep saying it over and over again when even typing 1 or 2 words make me feel shattered. I know its stark and I haven't pulled any punches, frankly, I find that pulling punches on this one would be for the good of no-one. I can't lie, I am still not well, and it is an up hill thing. One thing is for certain, I WILL GET THROUGH THIS. I always do.

Went to see housing officer about the excessive noise problem which has made life miserable for myself and Steve, and he is going to investigate and take action against them and what they have been doing. On the downside, going out in the freezing cold and ice has left me decidedly worse for wear. Luckily I have an appointment tomorrow with Dr Pike, unfortunately means if I get worse, I have to either hold on for dear life or go to hospital. Whew!

Much Love
Wendy xx


I realise I forgot to post yesterday, I do apologize, I have was preoccupied with The Sims 2, and other things that were keeping my attention, something that just lately has been something of a rarity so keeping me amused by making Final Fantasy characters in the Sims 2 and engineering complex and sometimes very funny love triangles between them (it is a bit like a Soap Opera, but without the corny acting) and seeing how that works out. OK, throwing Lightning (FF XIII) and Sephiroth (FF VII) together was quite funny and also very sweet.

Nathaniel came to visit me yesterday which was very nice, bringing me a few things and sticking on a film for us all to watch together. I forgot how much I liked Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within, although the graphics really did get me thinking of the ones used in Advent Children. The fact that at first I almost thought that it was live-action rather than CGI really does say something about the quality of the Havoc Engine that they used. I am a sucker for technology really, always have been and probably always will be, it keeps me occupied and makes me smile in an odd sort of way.

I recently took apart a DS Lite that had had tea spilled all inside of it to see if we could get it working again, unfortunately we found out that the tea had dissolved some of the components and it was never going to work again. I was gutted, yes, but soon, I will get myself a new DS to keep me amused for a while. I guess I am always after the next distraction and amusement. But, that is just me being me really. OK I was really proud of myself yesterday, I taught myself how to mount .iso and .uif files using Magic ISO and Magic Disc (Virtual CD Drives, a LIFE SAVER as I downloaded all of the expansion and stuff packs for the Sims 2, only having Bon Voyage and Free Time at the moment, this just seemed like a good idea as it will keep me quiet for hours, plus downloading mods and hacks... VERY happy ^_^).

Wendy x

Sunday, 5 December 2010

I need more DVD storage...

I have WAY too many DVD's these days. The weird thing is, I actually spend most of my time watching them and relaxing. It's a way of occupying myself and helping to distract me from the things that concern me. Or escaping when I'm in pain. I spend a lot of time in pain these days, but I think it's keeping it all in perspective that helps me stay grounded. Makes me think though, about what my favourite films are and why.

I guess the earliest film I loved was "Little Shop of Horrors". I used to watch that way back when I was a little tot. Singing along to all the songs and loving the character of Audrye. A funny memory of this was when I was about 4 or 5, I cant remember exactly, but I had this curiosity involving the flap of our video player. I used to like ejecting videos and trying to stick my finger in and pull it out again. Don't ask me why, I was a strange little kid really. I will admit this right now, but I digress, one day this backfired and I got my finger trapped in the player. That really hurt and I did what a little kid does and screamed my head off. I can't remember what happened next but I know my nail did come off after a few days.

As I got older, I used to like watching films with my older brothers. I was the only girl and I often felt left out because of this, but I used to like watching "Transformers The Movie" with my oldest brother, Richard. Yes it  was cheaply animated and cheesy as hell, but it holds some very fond memories and the fact that Stan Bush's "You've Got The Touch" still makes me grin like a mad woman has to stand for something.

In the late 1990's, I would say either '95 or '96, I fell in love with a Disney film, "The Lion King" and I remember my favourite character was Scar, around this time, I started talking to an imaginary friend, who was a lion called Scar and my usual companions in the car would have been "Biker Mice From Mars" another cartoon that I have rediscovered from my youth. I got a Vinnie and his bike for my birthday when I was 7. I remember this because my mum and nan had both brought me these. Instead, my nan gave me a Gymnast Barbie. I got the rest of the "Biker Mice" and their respective bikes that Christmas. I found a toy of Scar in the Disney Store in the Florida Mall and I had to have him!

My final favourite film that I feel is worth a mention would be "Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children". As I have said before, FFVII has been a part of my life for many years, but in 2005 when the feature length film came out, I was hooked and in love. Seeing the new 2009 cut recently, this is going to be a favourite for many years to come.

Having got all the films I love recently on DVD, I had some of them, now I have them ALL, it really got me thinking about how watching things that we used to enjoy as a child really brings back those warm, happy memories. I think this is important, especially when you have few happy childhood memories or when you have a very uncomfortable present and you just need to distract yourself. Plus taking part in a protest on Facebook for the NSPCC (changing profile pics to cartoon characters) really made me think about this and about the way certain things and films make us feel and it is a reflective thing really. Instead of my general ranting just lately, I guess this week has been very frustrating and my home environment wasn't a healing one, but C'est La Vie.

Wendy x

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Well it seems Steve managed to suck it up and stop acting like a spoiled child. For this I am glad. Upstairs however, decided to have one of their mad dance parties that they have on a regular basis. So this means EXCESSIVELY loud music and what sounds like hippos playing musical chairs and falling over themselves. This usually goes on until 2-3 AM. Not a palatable prospect when you have to rest to clear your chest off and get rid of fluid.

All I want to do is sleep and be out of pain, is that really too much to ask for, really?

It looks like there is another flat that needs a noise abatement order as this is completely unfair and they know of the situation, heck they were watching me go in to the ambulance from their balcony so really they should have used common sense. If someone has been in hospital around you, it is only courtesy to keep the noise down so that they recover. Or am I just being an idealist here? Someone please tell me I am DYING to know so I can adjust my attitude as needed.

I really need sleep. I am becoming tearful and overtired and its really starting to affect my judgment and making me 100% more irrational, so I keep getting wound up, but unfortunately my neighbors REFUSE to let me get some sleep. I hope they read this and realise that they are starting to make my health suffer and my piece of mind is rapidly ebbing away.

At least I have managed to cough a bit, not shifted anything but its a start. It really is exhausting when I cough and it hurts a lot. I am so tired that eating is like an Olympic event and nebbing has become a 4 hourly ritual. Fun. The very good news is my temp is down from 40.6 to 37.5 so thats a start in itself. I will get through this.

Wendy x

Friday, 3 December 2010

Waking up, the morning after the night before...

Last night was probably the icing on the shit-cake that was the last week. If I had ever cried that much over something, I'll be surprised. I was tired, in pain and just wanted to sleep. Steve was in one all day yesterday, and when I found out what it was that made him stress me out like that, I couldn't have him near me for a while so I asked him to leave, followed with verbal abuse and being told that I was uncaring (OK for someone who didn't care, I managed to sob myself in to more pain). Then I got when I needed, remorse. True remorse from someone who never realised what they were doing until it got to that point.

The good news is we talked and decided to carry on together, but we are no longer engaged. We got engaged way too quickly and it really was a bad idea for me to enter this. I was dumb, and I followed my heart too far, ignoring my head.

I slept OK in the end, but had a searing headache behind my temples, to contend with the pain in my sides and chest because my lungs have fluid inside them. This is a very unpleasant prospect and its hard because its left me exhausted and I just want to fall asleep and stay there for a while and being comfortable and content. I get sick of pain sometimes I think, even if I pretend that it's OK and I'm surviving, but right now I am so weak, I can't even get the strength to cough and shift what it is thats in there. So right now I am having a neb of saline solution and getting what rest is permissible. Next door has woken me up once or twice today and its left me somewhat cranky and tired.

Here's hoping really, for the comfortable rest and shifting this myself, or I will have to face the alternative, having it drained off for me. I really don't want this as it is painful and would mean a long stay in hospital. Just before Christmas as well.

Much Love
Wendy x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Back Home...

After days of threatening and feeling 100% awful, I have finally had my big attack and am now back home and on the mend. Turns out what was making me so unwell was an infection that wasn't as we thought it was, in my bronchial tubes, but in my lungs causing an accumulation of fluid and other nasties.

So its a steady 7 days of Pred, Tramadol and Co-Amoxiclav as well as my usual cocktail of meds to see me back on my feet.

Wendy x

Stroppy lungs...

I really wish sometimes that things could, I don't know, go my way a little bit. I am getting increasingly more breathless as the week rolls on and there is that part of me that hopes I can go acute soon so I can go to the hospital without being turned away as soon as I get there. The problem with acute hospitals, people who are ill, but can't get in to doctor's as it is WAY too busy with old dears wanting antibiotics for the common cold or other minor problems which are usually self care (these are my GP's own words not mine, I just agree with him), can go, get treated and the care they need. Other than waiting at home for things to become bad enough to get to hospital and get diagnosed and treated properly. I am in that limbo inbetween this. Heres hoping soon somethings going to happen and I can get sorted before this gets to the point where I nearly die, again.

Enough about that rant I think or I would be here all day and probably most of tomorrow. Which will leave everyone exactly where we are in a situation where they cannot be happy. It is so snowy here and as cold as it is, I think its really pretty to look at. I am hoping for a white Christmas this year, but instead of dust (spending Christmas at Steve's dad's place landed me in such a state I spent January in a serious condition), I hope it will be snow. Of course allowing myself and a friend of mine to meet towards the end of the month, I am really looking forward to meeting her as she is AWESOME and has shown me how strong an individual can be in the face of adversity. She knows who she is and how amazing I think she is, I tell her every day.

A bit concerned about Steve's general attitude just lately, he has been snapping at me pretty much constantly, which makes me wonder if I did anything wrong here. Or if he is just getting fed up of the guy next door and his music, which is still going on, but we are starting the process of noise abatement, however long that takes. I don't know, I have never been in that sort of position before as my neighbors have usually been nice and understanding people. I guess when it comes to Steve, he'll either tell me why he's snapping at me constantly or he won't, but I really do need him to stop it as none of this is actually my fault and snapping at me isn't going to help any of this at all.

My head feels so fuzzy and I am having trouble staying awake because struggling this much is absolutely exhausting so I am going to leave you all now and maybe have a sleep and recover my strength a little. I will update later, or get Steve to, depending on what happens.

Wendy x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Guilty confession...

I had a band practice today, it went really well, as normal really, but we still don't know what is supposed to be happening on Monday. Are we playing the gig at Subside or aren't we? My guilty confession here is that I kind of hope we don't, my health playing up as it is and it would look awful if I were to go in to acute respiratory distress on stage in front of a live audience. Not an idea I would like to entertain.

Redditch is under a blanket of snow and it is absolutely freezing out there, and if an ambulance had to come up here, I can just imagine the trouble and really am going to hang on until there really is no other option. I can't see things getting much worse, but I have a habit for speaking too soon and being proven completely wrong.

After band practice, I completed Crisis Core again. I love that game and the end makes me cry, however as someone I know is playing at the moment I will not post spoilers here, but now I can start in hard mode and see how bad I fail this. I had to use my guidebook earlier on one bit as I get a bit lost in the area and marked on the map where it was I needed to go. I got there in the end and did the last fight with no problems.

I have started assembling my Another Day In Midgar portfolio, with all my print and illustration work in one place and its nice to look through and fills me with pride as I look through at a selection of pencil illustrations and Photoshop work. All of it is inspired by, or even inspires, what I love writing in my spare time, something I have an awful lot of right now. ADIM really gives me hope and a distraction when I have bad days or I just generally feel crappy about myself or everything around me. Then again, exploring Sephiroth's life before he went mad was something I used to do when I was a kid and needed an escape at home. I would fill notebooks (I wish I had some of these still) which I would hide away with ideas and stories and other ideas I had. I never showed these to anyone nor did I tell anyone about my own little world and that made me feel safe. I had my little world, a cave I could hide in and a friend who could protect me from everything. Even if this was just in my imagination.

I guess why the character still holds his own place in my life and the models I collect are so precious to me, Sephiroth was my hero. In some ways he still is and I am thankful that he was created and then Stephen showed me the game where he found his fame. I guess this is one of my more intimate thoughts and something that I never shared with anyone really. Not even with my friends or family. I was always scared that people would reject me or take this special thing I had away from me. Or even tried to take my special hero away.

Wendy x

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hanging on again...

I really am hanging on by the skin of my teeth at the moment, peak-flow is down to 150 l/min (my best is about 410 l/min so this really isn't good at all) regular nebbing and I can't seem to complete the simplest tasks like reaching over and talking without becoming short of breath or having an asthma attack. This isn't good at all really and an admission could be just around the corner again. I really don't want this as I have practice tomorrow and a gig on Monday. So I can't afford being ill or rushed in to hospital at the moment. So I am in a quandary.

Go in, get treated for what is probably going to be a chest infection and may need long term treatment, miss the gig and let Ant, Rich and Twitch down big time. Or try and stay out at least until Monday and then go in, chances are, the universe will make that decision for me, and I have a feeling I won't like the answer. Then again, it may be that this gig is not going ahead anyway so I can at least relax, for now. Although I have been wrong before and I will probably be wrong again and again. So I guess I gotta play this one by ear and hope for the best.

I'm not really in a maudlin mood, I just feel generally unwell and don't know where to turn of what to do. Steve, Stacey and Nat are all under the impression that I need to be in hospital, but I wonder what exactly they can do for me there that I can't do here. I have nebs, I have pred, I have everything else but it is a tricky one.I am obviously unwell, but I don't feel unwell enough to be in the hospital, it is an acute hospital and is probably over-run right now.

I guess I have to play this by ear.

Love Ya
Wendy x

Monday, 29 November 2010

Twitchy Veins...

To those of us who have a long term illness, there is one major certainty. Frequent medical tests. Urine tests, x-rays, scans, PFT's (pulmonary function tests) and my least favourite of all. Blood Tests. This morning I had one to check on my liver and glucose levels (2 of my medications cause diabetes so it was much better to be safe than sorry) as well as a full blood count. So off I toddled to my surgery and I waited in the nurse's waiting room.

Upon being called through by the Phlebotomy nurse, I got a sinking feeling as she examined my arms looking for a vein. This has never been easy. Instead I had to wait to see the Sister. She found a vein in my hand and stabbed it. After 40ml, the vein decided to give up the ghost and collapsed. Unfortunately this happens to me a lot and it is an uncomfortable occurrence. I felt bad for the poor nurse as she was very worried as she said she had never dealt with someone with veins like mine.

So now this means only a doctor can get blood from me, which means that blood work is going to be a pain, literally.

I don't get a fat lot of luck these days, but as always, I will keep a positive attitude and keep going as I have come so far in all of this.

Wendy x

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Taking the piss...

Lovely name for a blog, but right now there really is nothing more to say than my neighbor is really starting to take the piss. After a rather abrupt and rude awakening early this morning, Steve confronting him (not so much as a "Sorry" but a "I can do what I want") and me having to listen to this tripe all day long at horrific levels. It is safe to say we will be contacting the council and YMCA and we will make someone do something as this is really affecting my health adversely. Loud music = stress, lack of rest and ultimately my asthma will flare up and I will end up in hospital as a result of one person's selfishness. I don't expect him to live in silence, I just wish he would be a little more considerate towards those around him.

As you can imagine, my lungs are wreaking havoc and I have spent my day nebbing often, which has left me a little less than chuffed. Not to mention that I have to have a blood test tomorrow to see how my liver is as 2 of my regular meds can cause problems and diabetes. Fun... NOT!

On the plus I have been working on some ADIM concept art today and have been looking at Sephiroth as he grows up from a little kid to the homicidal nut-job that we all know and love. That has been fun, as it was interesting to see him at different ages and different stages of his career. The young boy in the Infantry uniform looks so cute! I promise to post these when I am done!

Loves ya
Wendy x 

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Braving the store room...

Sometimes no matter how much you try, sometimes things get on top of you. For us it was the small store room we have just opposite the bathroom. It is only small but somehow we managed to cram a whole flat full of... well I didn't actually know what it was in there. Books, clothes (half of which either didn't fit, never fit, or were never worn), papers. It was a whole room of just stuff. Although once or twice I was sure I could hear something moving in there (more than likely something falling over, but when your half asleep, it is scary and one does wonder sometimes. I mean there was enough all over the floor to support life.

So we set to work, moving everything out, sifting through, and throwing out rubbish. We usually have a 6 month rule. If something hasn't been used in 6 months, chances are we won't ever use it so we either throw it away or if it is something someone else can and would use, we donate it to charity so that someone else can use it. We also put the old curtains and some cushions in vacuum bags, those things are a GOD SEND.

I also found a book which I found one day in the Works. I saw it and it's simple black and white style so picked it up. I am a sucker for independent art and I had never heard of Simon's Cat. I flicked through and found so many funny illustrations and comics of a cat. It was amazing as the cat was just so funny and I was chortling to myself. I just had to have this book and £6 was a bargain. If you haven't ever experienced it click here and you shan't be disappointed.

Wendy x


This morning I awakened to Steve showing me the freshly fallen snow. Now I love the snow as it looks pretty, but it also means that it will be too cold for me to go out too much. It did make me smile though. I know it sounds silly and such a small thing can bring a smile to my face, but sometimes anything that can boost morale is good enough reason to smile in my books.

After last night's struggle to breathe, things got really hairy last night and this could have so easily have ended in a certain yellow van with blue lights screaming in to the close and waking up in hospital yet again. Luckily I just got on with nebbing and upped my Pred again a little bit to 10mg and touch wood, I may have won. For now. I do owe a lot to Steve, Nat and JP, they helped me through the whole thing and talked to me on YIM, keeping me supported.

I slept well last night which has been something of a rarity while my chest has been a bit off, but I must have been really exhausted. I woke up after a strange dream about school, being on stage for something and my old dogs from when I was a girl. Along with lots of really strange things happening. I think part of my mind is trying to explore what happened when I was at Weston Road, with my Dad and when he left and what my brother used to do to me. Although strangely enough I am not afraid of any of this. I actually think this could be a good thing to explore and it will be great to finally come to terms and lay all of this to rest and recover.


Wendy x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The smell of magic...

Like most people living with a chronic condition, I have days where I feel so beaten and miserable about life. Then I remind myself that if I stopped trying then I may as well be nailed in my coffin now. I find it strange when people tell me I am brave and strong, when in actual fact, all I am doing is facing my situation and trying to make the best of things. OK so I never had the best start in life and I may have been through a few things, but when did any of that ever stop me? So I thought I would share the things that keep me going.

It is a bit of an open secret that I LOVE aromatherapy and natural bathing products, but with skin like mine, anything else leaves you cracked, sore and scaly so whats a little expense really when it comes to looking, feeling and of course smelling good. Plus, the effect certain smells can have on the mind is something that is just as important really. I discovered something yesterday as I walked in to my local Lush shop (its a new venture in our town, but it certainly distracted me from my yen for Broccoli and Stilton soup, an acquired taste but I do love it.) and was enchanted by this smell of vanilla and lavender. Well I thought it was Vanilla. Turns out what I could smell and was enjoying was a bath bomb called Twilight (not named after the books and films, but the time between dusk and nightfall). I had to get one.

Since buying one, I have been sniffing it almost every few minutes. I have left it in the main room for now to perfume the air, and lungs aren't acting up as a result. This is a rarity in itself really. OK so I still feel cruddy and tired and my temp is still up, BUT... I truly feel that a boost to morale is JUST what the doctor ordered. Its not that I'm feeling sorry for myself, I just go through phases of just feeling a bit fed up and like my body is taking a marathon beating. Colds, Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, other LRTI's, it can sometimes be like a treadmill, that is unstoppable and you can't just jump off. So you keep on running and go through the motions.

Sometimes you just feel like you want to give up and succumb to everything, but then you remember what it was that kept you fighting in the first place. For me, it has been the determination not to become yet another statistic in  a long line. According to Asthma UK there is a death because of Asthma in the UK every 7 hours. I really don't want to be the next one to go, but I know that eventually my time will come. Until then, I want to do everything I want to. My friend asked me what my dreams are or my "Bucket List." A "Bucket List" is a list of things that I want to do before I go. I thought I would share my dreams with all of you, right now.

My Bucket List - By Wendy Bostock.

1. Complete my HND Media and graduate.
2. Be well enough to get and hold down a steady job.
3. To hold my own child despite my PCOS.
4. Learn to Drive.
5. Become a nurse.
6. Have my "Another Day In Midgar" stories either published or recognized by Square Enix.
7. Meet Tetsuya Nomura , the guy who created Sephiroth.
8. Get married.
9. Go to Tokyo.
10. Meet Linkin Park.

I know these are small and some are silly or unrealistic dreams, but they are my dreams and they are the things that keep me going. If I were to be realistic, I know I would probably never be well enough to be a nurse, but if I never tried, I think I would regret that more wouldn't I?

"Embrace your Dreams" - Angeal Hewley, SOLDIER 1st Class.

Wendy x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I could never get the hang of Wednesdays....

Is it me or does each day have it's own specific feeling? Monday is the beginning of the week, we're all gearing up for the week ahead. Tuesday has the restless feeling of busying away, and Wednesday always feels a bit flat and people feel apathetic.

On a plus side, after 2 hours of calling about 3 different numbers and arguing with so many different parts of the DWP (first we were worried we would need a crisis loan, THEN I had to call Worcester Benefit Delivery Centre,  told to call back in an couple hours while they sorted it out, Steve had to call RE: JSA can't pay him anymore, but he still has to sign on, even though his money comes from my ESA (joint claim or something) THEN I had to call another number, explain everything for the 18th time in the last week) in order to get my ESA money sorted so we could make rent and do this important thing, like eating for the next week. Money was in. We were happy about that.

Then again, last night wasn't that easy. I was so upset because I thought that maybe me and Steve weren't working any more. After a talk with Vicky, Stacey and Nat, I had a good heart to heart with Steve and I am happy to say it strengthened us. It gave me an outlet and I cried for the first time in months, I actually had a good cry, and it made me feel 100% better about how I felt. About coming to terms with my illnesses and what that meant to me. I am stubborn about everything.

I suppose I was fighting against everything as I never wanted to admit how ill I was or how hard life had become for me. I kept on trying to live as I was before all of this. I never realised how much I was putting on myself and it was so foolish, and so very stubborn. Most importantly I was WRONG and I am sorry for all the times I have scared the people I love the most.  

So we had to go shopping for our food and other stuff for the next 2 weeks. I hope this isn't going to happen every 2 weeks or I might go a bit potty. Or more potty. None of this has helped my lungs and they really had a strop after brushing my hair (!) and I wheezed my way back to my nebuliser. 5mg of Ventolin and 500mcg of Atrovent and I was ready to go out.

Have started some vitamin and mineral supplements to help my immune system and joints through the winter so hopefully I will not be swearing every time I go up and down stairs. My knees are very sore and stiff because of the large amounts of steroids I use to keep going. Not pleasant! The phrase "the price we pay for the games we play" springs to mind here.

Love Ya
Wendy x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Addition to the blog...

I have added a little bit of my own story to my blog. I thought it was important to show where I came from and where my emotions stem from. No it is not a pretty story, but it, like the rest of my blog is honest and doesn't hide or gloss over anything.

I wanted to post it as a Blog Post as it is really important for people to know where I came from:

My Story

I was born in the town of Stafford to Mr and Mrs Fullard in 1987. I was an awkward child, and I never really mixed with the other kids. I was a weird kid so its not surprising really. I never made many friends, but the ones I made I loved deeply and they were rocks of strength for me.
I went through Primary school without too much trouble and enjoyed it for the most part, but when I went to Weston Road High School in 1999, my family's reputation followed me and I was branded as so many unpleasant things. I spent 3 years there and was raped by one of my school bullies at the age of 12, it wasn't a standard sexual intercourse, but he forced he to perform oral sex. I felt so worthless and the gleam in my eyes started to fade. I never told people because I was so afraid.
My home life wasn't a bed of roses either. I was pretty much ignored by my mother, abused by my father in so many ways, and a physical and emotional punching bag for my older brother Stephen. I remember very well the mornings when my friend Leona would come to walk to school with me and the scenes she would witness. I would be lying on the floor being punched, kicked and strangled. Always in places I could hide by clothes. I would tell my mother who would accuse me of "making it up", "hurting myself" or "provoking Stephen". At that point I did none of these, unless wishing someone a good morning was ample provocation for a good kicking and a strangling.
I was lonely and depressed by the time I was 13 and spent much time alone in my bedroom harming myself with pencil sharpener blades and other kitchen implements. My friend told people what was going on at home, things went sour as a result in my brother's relationship. I took the blame each time and the beatings got worse. The result is a slight crushing of my larynx, which I had to explain to a bemused doctor as to how it happened. I felt so cornered and there was no escape.
By the time he left home, I was a terrified little kid that was so scared of leaving the safety of her own bedroom. When I was 14, I had my first nervous breakdown and I attempted suicide in my bedroom with blades and pills, although my mum came in before I took them, and was taken out of Weston Road. I spent 13 weeks at home until I started Rising Brook that September. In that time, I attempted suicide a few more times as I felt as though I just couldn't cope anymore.
The rest of my school years passed OK, I got counseling for my depression and anxiety disorders and began to heal my wounds. Until I was raped at 15. I never felt so worthless and I trusted no-one. I attempted suicide again, fortunately, my mother and then Step-father (who I look upon as my Dad) hid the really sharp knives and the ones I could find were dull and blunt.
I then had my relationship with Mike, which had it's ups and downs until we split up.
I now live with Steve and things are looking up. We have had our issues but what relationship hasn't, I now know that he loves me for who I am and respects me for coming through hell, still smiling.
I am who I am and I am not ashamed of that person.

Thank you all for reading.

Wendy x

Procrastination... I has it!

OK I know, I am supposed to be writing a 1500 word paper about Documentaries/genre and form, but I really... REALLY can't muster the enthusiasum. I am hoping this is just a dip really and I am just feeling a bit uninspired and in a rut. I mean we all have days when we feel like that don't we?

I was restless as a little puppy today, I would try and do something and get distracted, usually by the fact I just couldn't be bothered or something else caught my eye. Like all phases, I think this too shall pass and I will come back to it tomorrow a bit more in the mood to work. Knowing me anyway.

Lungs are stroppy again over the cold weather. I know over the winter I will have to use my neb more often, I mean, it is my first winter with this therapy available to me so hopefully I won't spend most of the Christmas season lying in a hospital bed. Failing that if the shit hits the fan then I just have to find a way around it. Like I always do. And to those who don't like, or are getting sick of reading my posts, READ SOMETHING ELSE THEN... simple really, there are people out there who do enjoy my honest posts and what I have to say. If you are not one of them, then feel free to bugger off.

*Rant over* Sorry about that, haters do my head in. I notice the haters usually tend to be the sort who don't read anything of substance or intelligence anyway, so chances are they don't actually understand what I am getting at. OK I am ranting again, sorry about that!

Love Ya
Wendy x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Finishing my HND

You know what they say about when opportunity knocks, well, they say that we should answer. I am most certainly going to answer this golden opportunity that has been offered up to me, it is definitely nothing to sniff at. This chance is of course to finish my Higher National Diploma in Media Studies.

I started my course 2 years ago after my 1st gap year. I was so psyched about it and really wanted to do this. I worked so hard in my first year and I loved it. But I became very ill, and nearly died as a result. I pushed so hard to get to the 2nd year, 6 months work done in 2 days of solid grind. In my 2nd year, my health just took it's toll on me and I never finished my course. I was so gutted. I cried for days, I'd worked so hard and because of the situation, my illness and everything else, I'd never felt so defeated and worthless. Made worse on the day that my peers graduated. I felt so robbed as I should have been standing there with them, getting my diploma and grinning like mad. Alas it wasn't to be and I went back in to my own depression. Not fun.

My ray of hope really shone in when I got a letter from my Tutor Sean, offering me the chance to finish.

Now I know, I CAN DO THIS!!

Wendy x


OK, I fell asleep last night not feeling too bad, yeah, I was tired and had a headache, but I put it all down to one of those things, it is flu season after all and I couldn't get my flu jab this year because I was too ill with another of those infections that I pick up all too easily.

This morning dawned and I woke up feeling hot, sweaty and aching from head to foot, sounds like a barrel of laugh doesn't it. I was shivering so decided to check my temperature again, usually a sure fire way of knowing if I am coming down with something. 38.4 degrees...lovely. I think as I take some paracetamol and snuggle down in bed. This actually explains a lot, why I just can't focus or keep my head in the game today. This could start getting interesting, especially as I am due to be paid my ESA on Wednesday, so need to go out and rustle up some grub for the week ahead.

Now, there is a minefield. ESA, Employment and Support Allowance, the DWP's way of streamlining Income Support and Incapacity Benefit in to one thing. Supposedly to speed up the system, although to be honest, I am not sure that that has worked. To be honest, I was quite happy to carry on looking for work, even though I never feel that well these days and sadly, its like I have almost forgotten what not feeling like hell felt like, oh well, one mustn't complain. I just want to get on with it really, but I suppose I need to accept my lot, the sooner I accept, maybe the sooner I can just adapt and start moving forward, I guess it just feels like I'm being pigeon-holed in this situation  whether I want it or not.

I notice my thoughts are a bit bleak this morning, I'm putting it down to feeling completely and utterly bored and fed up so I guess I am sorry if this seems a little blegh, but I feel blegh in myself. But on a positive note, I may have worked out how to set up my little joke that I have in store, so watch this space, I promise it will be VERY funny if I can pull this off.

Love ya
Wendy x

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Letters from a friend

Today I went to the cinema with JP, someone I have not known all that long but already he is a part of my extended family. He is a sweet kid and like me also suffers with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and like me has a passion for music and the arts.

He needed help to write some songs so I lent him my diary from the last year. In this notebook, I used to write down some of my deepest and most personal thoughts, about myself, living with my illnesses and the people around me. Even about the times I did things to myself that were horrific from slashing myself open with a knife, to overdosing on painkillers and anti-psychotics (that resulted in one long night and a day in hospital, which I don't remember, but I remember that Steve was terrified). He wrote a letter in the back of it and it really made me smile and brought a happy tear to my eye. I wanted to share it with you, as it really was poignant.

"Dear Wendy,

Reading this diary has shown me so much about you, and the fact that not only were you happy for me to read it, but actually borrow it brings a smile to my face.
   Admittedly, I haven't known you for very long, but hey! You don't have to know someone for YONKS to know know they are a decent person.
   You have seemingly been through so much in your short life, yet through it all you are still here and I am glad you are!

This diary is inspiring. YOU ARE INSPIRING!

I hope very much to remain friends with you and Ste. If you ever need anything, let me know.

Anyways, I'm rambling a bit, so I'll wrap up now. Thanks for letting me read this.

Peace and Love
Good Ol' JP"

It gave me such a warm feeling to read this, along with other kind words said to me about my blog, my diaries and other ways I have expressed myself. I want to take the chance now to thank you all for finding something in my words and I hope you enjoy my writings for years to come.

Love you all so very much
Wendy x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Crisis Core Mug = AWESOME!!

Best Birthday present I have ever had really. A mug printed just for me with a picture of all the characters from my fave game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. It may not be a Square Enix special or worth millions of pounds, but I LOVE it as it was made just for me and with my favorite piece of concept art.

And most importantly, it is special as it was a gift from Steve. He can be a pain at times, but he is my pain in the ass frankly and he can be the most thoughtful person at times. A mug printed with Crisis Core motif was THE one thing I didn't have in my collection. I collect Final Fantasy memorabilia, from action figures, books, CD's and of course the games that started the whole thing off. This game has been there in my life for all the major ups, downs and everything in between, ever since I was 10 or 11 years old, it was one of the two, and my brother had brought it home. I used to just watch him play at first, then, when we got our own copy, I began playing it and never stopped. Even though I completed the original Final Fantasy VII game many times to 100%, Crisis Core has been completed at least 3 times I think and Dirge of Cerberus which has been done once or twice.

Its fitting that I spent most of yesterday downloading the Complete edition of Advent Children. The original film itself is incredible, but they added another 30 minutes to the story, including back-story on some of the children of the city, Cloud, Reno and Rude and the epic battle at the end was extended. Much to my excitement (I couldn't stop grinning for ages).

I am finally winning with my infection now and it is finally settling down, lungs are a little worse for wear but I guess that is expected really. I also learned the other purpose for the co-codamol I was taking. Codeine is a cough suppressant and since I started taking it regularly as per my doctor's instructions and that beast of a cough has started to calm right down, I don't crack ribs so often now and the pain is definately not as much of an issue as it was. All in all, things are starting to move forward and I got my Birthday wish.

Love You Muchly

Wendy x

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Reflections of my 22nd year...

Well, I am about to go to bed and close the door on another year, and of course open another door to my 23rd year. For those who I have confused at this point, it is the eve of my 23rd Birthday, and I thought I would say a few words before bed.

Things I have learned: TRUST MY INSINCTS, asthma attacks REALLY suck, don't tread on PSP chargers (lest you enjoy having your foot twitch from leaving to arriving at college), I really have some awesome friends and family (whereas others were just arseholes, but I really can't be bothered in getting in to that.)

Things I achieved: Control over my mental health problems, Independance, some kind of control over my asthma (albeit sometimes that does go a little off at times), I got to know myself a little better, perhaps that was due to going to the deeper recesses of my mind. I managed to reconcile an old friendship.

Things I screwed up: I didn't ask for help sooner when it came to my health.

Other thoughts?

It was one of THOSE sort of years really, but for all it's faults, I still came out of this thing standing and I am proud of myself for doing that.

As for the coming year?

I want to go out a lot more, even if my health is a little dodgy I really want to get moving. Also I REALLY want to go to Uni or learn to drive. I hope Omen Shadow have more gigs and we really go far. Lets wait and see.

See you on the other side

Wendy x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Random silliness.

I used to do this on MySpace, but as no-one visits there anymore, I decided to do this just for fun.

I have given my mascot a blog page, because I want to catalogue everywhere that Sephy has been with me, but somewhere different to my own blog so it doesn't over crowd. Plus I think such an awesome thing needs its own page, all for it's very own.

The Adventures of Sephy


Wendy xx

Happy Happy Happy!

I am so glad that they opened a LUSH shop in Redditch and so close to my birthday, so with my lovely pennies (donated by the awesome Nathaniel) I went and really treated myself to some new nice smelling things for me to indulge in and feel 10000000% special and loved. Then again as I have said many times before now, Lush cosmetics really are the secret to my good skin and youthful looks, (hehehe, buying meth spirits to fix that pesky DS of mine, if we hadn't been discussing age, I would have got I.D.ed so that has to count for something!) and generally good mood.

It is true, a good smell can equate to a VERY good mood, and a good mood always means a good day. So what took my fancy today? Well, as the money was a gift, I did get myself a lovely gift box, namely the Christmas Candy Box. Around my birthday, as it is so close to Christmas, you start getting the really tasty smelling Christmas treats, which is something I absolutely adore. And in these boxes you tend to get products (such as the Snow Fairy shower gel) which regrettably are unavailable at any time of the year, so now really is the time to stock up on them and make sure that I have enough to tide me over.

But enough about smellies or I could go on about them all day, because lets face it, I am a girl and I LOVE smelling like nice stuff rather than chemical poisons. But yet again, as I am prone to, I digress. After a truely wonderful day yesterday, I feel so much happier and closer to the me that I usually am, bright, perky and just generally in that sort of mood where smiling isn't an option. It's a must. Its been a while admittedly since I felt this happy, but I figure that if I can feel this happy more often then maybe life will not seem so glass half empty, if you know what I mean.

Whoever came up with that idea anyway that the glass was half empty? Personally I think it was just an excuse for the pessimists of the world to walk around with faces like smacked backsides and sulk until the day that the guy in the black shroud comes to collect them. That's OK, if you really want to be and think that way, BUT it really can't be all that exciting or fun, can it?

I guess what I really am getting at here, rather than rambling, as I do about everything and nothing all at once, is that if we can all take 5 minutes out of every day and think about everything we are either thankful for or are proud of instead of what makes us angry or disgusted, maybe that would make the human race a happier one.

Just some food for thought really.

Love You Muchly

Wendy x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Getting Creative...

I am known by those closest to me for my creativity. Be it from interesting pieces of illustration work, tattoo flash or even my custom made Christmas or Birthday cards. After a week of this (for want of a better word)  fucktard next door and his fondness for THE SAME beat day in, day out at the STUPIDEST levels imaginable (I mean this music actually rattles everything in our flat), and a housing officer who doesn't do anything, not because he "Can't" as he says, but because he WON'T, his reason, me and Steve don't work, OK I am long term disabled, so I think I have a pretty fair reason, correct me if I am wrong here.

But I digress, I decided that enough was enough. I had tried bumping and banging on the walls in fury (the multiple holes in the walls show as testament to this) to actually going round, asking the idiot to turn it down as the lack of rest makes me ILL. No avail. So I got imaginative, my nebuliser compressor is loud. VERY loud, and it has a strong, vibration. Now I put this against the wall and just let it vibrate for a while. Funnily enough, I think he got the point as the music turned down and we were able to resume our festivities in peace.

Our celebration? Well today is my Unofficial Birthday as it was the only time Nat could visit so we had a bit of a bash today. Pizza, pop and movies, I know this sounds tame by most standards, but as ill as I feel, getting sloshed just wouldn't be my best option. So we had some fun, music and films. Just a nice night in, and just what the doctor ordered.

As I am about to get to the presents, its time for the online THANK-YOU! to Nat and Josh for coming down, as well as thank you to Josh for the new Sephy plushie, (not that my dear old one is retiring, but the new one will be my shelf guardian), and an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Nat for his VERY generous present, £100 cash. (You can imagine my face at this, but all the same LOVE YOU NATTY!!!!!) and to my wonderful friend Penny for her delicious Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Well I'm off now to enjoy the lovely company, play more cards and then crash out from exhaustion till morning.

Love ya muchly

Wendy x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

One of my off days...

Today has been one of those days really. I didn't wake up properly until about mid-day which really isn't like me at all, but I guess the way I see it, I really needed the extra sleep. It happens I guess. I felt better for the extra sleep and when the doorbell went, signaling the arrival of 2 very lovely kids. Luke and Catherine came to see us which was nice.

We hung out, as we always do, and we told Luke and Catherine about our plan and what was bothering us. Catherine seemed to understand, but Luke, well I guess he's just a kid and let's face it, this sort of thing is difficult for even us adults can comprehend. I mean this isn't a small and petty thing anymore. This is HUGE and lets face it, it will be life-changing. Heck, it could even result in a criminal prosecution. OK in this case this may not be an entirely bad thing and Luke would be safe, but its still a long and stressful route, but on the plus side, I am convinced that we are making the best choice we can for the poor little kid.

As for my lungs, well today they just don't want to cope with anything so the nebuliser has been in full flow and its really helped me. I'll sleep well tonight because I am starting to feel a bit better for having the attacks and coughing up the muck.

Love to you all

Wendy x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Interview with an asthmatic...

In living with Asthma to the extent that I do, I often get asked many questions. Even though I have already posted today, I just fancied answering some of those questions that people ask me:

1. What is the difference between an asthma attack and a panic attack?

This is a common question. During an asthma attack the person who is going through it will be experiencing any combination of the following symptoms: tightness in the chest, wheezy breathing (usually it feels harder to get air out of your lungs, but this does vary), cough. Although not all these symptoms have to be present for an asthma attack. This is all caused by the airways going in to spasm and closing up.

Outwardly, a panic attack can look very similar. The person who is suffering will be hyperventilating (breathing very fast and shallow) and usually calms down on their own. The best you can do with a panic attack is to calm the person down and remove them from the subject of distress.

2. What does an asthma attack feel like?

Each asthmatic feels an attack differently so it is impossible to define it in a way that relates to everyone. For me, it starts with generally feeling tired and run down, I won't be interested in very much at all or all I will want to do is sleep, although I find it hard to get to sleep. I won't eat very much nor will I really get up and move around much. It feels like someone who is sitting on me and I won't be myself at all. After this, I develop a chesty, rattling cough and become wheezy. It is here that I start treating my attack and hope for the best. This can and often does progress and deteriorate very quickly.

3. How do you know when to use your medication or call for an ambulance?

I have been told many times by my doctors to go by my instincts and let my symptoms be my guide. I know to reach for the inhaler when my symptoms start, and I will use up to 10 puffs of that if needed to calm things down. If that doesn't help, then I move to my nebulisers. I will have 1 of each nebule to begin with and another of salbutamol (Ventolin) on it's own afterward if the first didn't do the trick. If this hasn't worked as it should have, this doesn't happen often now but it used to be a regular thing, then Steve or whoever is with me will dial 999 and get an ambulance to me. This will usually result in either time on wards or the A & E department where I will be given nebulisers, steroids (either pills or IV) and oxygen to stablise my breathing and get me back to normal. Once I have been discharged, I will usually have extra steroids for a week and antibiotics because I usually have an infection.

4. How do you feel after an asthma attack?

In short, exhausted, sore and I will just curl up and go to sleep. It can take up to a week for me to recover, even longer if that recovery time has been interrupted by further asthma attacks. An asthma attack is a very tiring thing.

5. What do I do if I suspect someone is suffering from an asthma attack?

My first advice would be DO NOT PANIC. If they can speak ask them if they have their medication and help them take it as instructed or by the Asthma UK Guidelines. Click here to find these. If the inhalers don't help or YOU ARE IN DOUBT, call for help STRAIGHT AWAY. Remember asthma attacks can be fatal, so PLEASE be sensible about it and take it seriously.

That's it for the questions, but if you do have more don't be afraid to email them to me at, I may not be able to answer them all, but I promise to do my best to answer as many as I can, also I really would recommend a look through the Asthma UK website and find out as much information as you can.

Much Love

Wendy x

I can't wait for you to shut me up...

Living with a lung disease can be very tiresome at times indeed, but I never was one to stop and do nothing because of it. Heck, I always believed in living my life and doing whatever I wanted in spite of my problems, more proof that, as a friend of mine says, Life is what you make it.

Today was a good day. A friend of mine introduced me to a guy called Josh. Josh is young, vibrant and has a fiery passion for music and the arts. Something I can relate to very well. He came with his guitar, amp, pedal and other equipment. We had a good guitar session, I even tried singing (although I confess, I am a little rusty as I haven't sung for quiet some time). It was great fun. Until about 3 when my lungs decided that they really REALLY didn't want to play anymore and they did, as asthmatic lungs do, begin to tighten and become wheezy and breathing became difficult and painful. It took me about 2 nebs again to calm it down and get things back under my control.

It left me tired and weak unfortunately, as those of us who live with asthma know it can. So I decided to recount my thoughts for today and how I was feeling about things. Interestingly it seemed like the right time to do this, as I had merged and coloured 2 separate pieces of work and making them in to one image. I'd never tried this before and it actually worked out well, the 2 images solo didn't fill the page, so the 2 put together made the picture complete.

I guess today's lesson is to push back when your body wants to rebel, its not a bad thing to challenge whatever is going on inside you, just as long as your sensible obviously.

Carpe Diem!

Wendy x

Friday, 12 November 2010

Mixed feelings...

Have you ever had mixed feelings about a situation but really have no idea where it is you should turn to for either advice or just some sort of confirmation that you are doing the right thing.

My worries are about Steve's little brother, Luke. Luke lives in a squalid house that you smell before you see. He is never looked after properly and it scares me that he is being neglected so much. While everything inside screamed at me to phone the social, everything else says give him another chance. Even though we have given him more chances than we can even count on both our fingers and toes. I encouraged Steve to take action and start the council on an investigation. But was I right in doing this? Everyone who knows the score says yes, but theres this part of me that is waiting to be told to STFU frankly and I guess I'm just feeling so lost right now. I love Luke, he is like either my own child or little brother and would love to give him a home where he is safe, loved and free from psychological bullying from his dad. I pray to every deity going that he doesn't end up being just as beaten down, depressed and unhappy as Steve did. It was bad enough that one of them went through this.

As for me? Well I've just kept quiet ready to be the first in the firing line on this one, the scapegoat. I am always so ready to look out for every one else and make sure they're going to be OK. I learned a long time ago to always help others, and thats what I always did.

My infection has left me feeling tired and weak, but my neighbor still insists on being noisy, while he sits on his backside all day getting high and drinking cheap cider. He is unemployed, but unlike me he is actually well enough to work. I won't get back in to THIS rant, but I think it's obvious what I think.

I'm going to go and get what rest I can, until it all begins anew tomorrow...

Love ya all!
Wendy x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Paying the price...

Despite my better judgement, I went out for a treat today, courtesy of my wonderful friend Nathaniel. He took me, Bean, Josh and Lydia to see Despicable Me at the cinema. A brilliant film and such a lovely treat, almost making me forget that I have been ill today. My temp was down and I was really starting to feel better and getting my strength back.

After a great film, a quick stop at the supermarket to grab some odds and ends and then home to rest. Thats where it all played catch-up. All of a sudden, I felt so tired and had a cough, but it is November so I guess its one of those things.

Do I regret going out? Not a jot.

Wendy x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Review with Dr Pike...

This morning was my review with Dr Pike after the last couple of turbulent weeks. I like Dr Pike, he is a good doctor and he treats me almost like a friend, instead of a ball of neuroses, but this appointment went a lot better than I expected really. After a chat, a peak-flow and a good listen in to my lungs, he said that yep, the infection was still there. Which would explain the fact I was shivering, sweating and had a temperature which one minute was really low (34.4) and then high (38.9) the next. I was in a right tizzy. Also was told to use my neb as much as I needed to, refills on my prescription are always on the cards. That was reassuring. The same with my Prednisolone, let my peak flow and general feeling be my guide.

Basically I'm being told by everyone to trust my instincts, because they're usually right. He also put my painkillers which were usually acute to a repeat prescription as he said that after 2 weeks of me using them and having them available, I looked better for a few nights better sleep and without that look of pain that usually makes me look all the more haggard at times.

So the glass is definitely more full these days and I feel a lot better in myself, spending hours with a sketch book, or just curled up with a good book, now I'm on incapacity indefinitely I guess it means I have WAY more time on my hands to do what ever it is I do these days. Usually it involves drawing, sleeping, sewing and card making.

Any ideas?

Love Ya
Wendy x

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bit more of an Update...

I felt bad for copping out and not giving you guys a more through update on how I've been these last few days. I think its probably because I wanted to avoid it, its a pride thing and me not wanting to be a bother to anyone.

I ended up with another LRTI (to the layman a lower respiratory tract infection, which most signs point to the beginnings of another pneumonia, something I have had many times and know full well the consequences, hopefully we got it early again before it had chance to get nasty). and LRTI isn't that big of a deal usually, just extra Prednisolone and Antibiotics to clear it up and build me up a bit. Unfortunately, this one could be a little more stubborn to clear. Am going to see my GP tomorrow and see what he says and recommends, if I get out of there without more Antibiotics I will be lucky. Worst case scenario could be another trip in to hospital and even a few days in, which is not a prospect I really relish.

So, here I am, exhausted and nebbing every couple of hours or so again and trying to keep a fever in check. Steve has been brilliant and making sure I rest and keep warm, but I can't help but think he is getting resentful of this situation or even sick of me. I do wish I could change this and make it so I wasn't getting so ill all the time, but it hurts more that I can't do anything about it. I'd be lying if I didn't admit it makes me unhappy at times. But at other times, I understand, and have learned to accept my situation, so perhaps its now his turn.

Now, I've got that off my chest, I feel slightly less saddened by this situation. Heck having a certain jerk contacting me out of the blue to attack me and try and start a slanging match didn't bother me that much. On the contrary, I found being called a "Pathological Liar" by a person who is a cleptomaniac, sadist and bully really very VERY funny, and for the record dear "brother", yes, I do deserve the everything I am getting, every single win and success that I am enjoying. I do deserve the support from a loving family and some of the most amazing friends in the world ever. Oh and Yes, I do deserve the happiness that I enjoy every single day of my life, while you are left to wallow in the past because you can't let go.

Now I call THAT therapy!

Love ya
Wendy x 

Furry Con Artists!

Yes, you did read that right. Right now, Patch is being a furry little con-artist. He does this daily, if someone moves near the cage, he begins to wheek loudly for more food. Regardless of whether we have fed him or not. So it comes down to either more food or fuss. It's all rather cute.

As for me, well, I've launched both a blog and website for my FF7 Fan-Fic, its only taken me 2 years to get to the point where I could do this and do it well. And I am currently working on some new odds and ends to jazz up this blog, so as they say, Watch This Space.


Wendy x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Getting there...

I'm getting better, OK its a little slow and shaky but its progress. I know this sort of thing cannot be rushed really, but I can't wait to be back to my old, creative self. But this has given me time to meditate and plan some new ideas, even a Christmas card and a way of finally putting a lot of stuff in to words.

OK this will only make sense to some but I will try and explain it as best as possible. In the original Transformers cartoons from the 1980's there were groups on both sides called the Combiner Teams. Each one consisted of around 5 or 6 different robots, and sometimes these robots all had very different personalities and attitudes. The most extreme of cases was a robot called Menasor who was made from the Stunticons.

All of them hated each other and when they combined, they created this beast that was often so confused as to what it would do that individual parts acted independantly, but usually it was to the detriment of those around, friend or foe.

Now, I mention this, not for any sort of promotion for the Transformers, but as an analogy for medical teams. A lot of medical teams in the UK now-days work separately to help a patient, regardless of what other teams are doing and it leads to an awful lot of confusion. I guess what I am getting at here is that perhaps doctors and hospitals should liase with each other better and improve safety, and if there is a reason for treatments to be withheld, perhaps those reasons should be discussed with the patient. Maybe its that transparancy that is what is needed with the NHS these days.

And I go off on a tangent again, as I am liable to do. Right now, I have cannonballed a can of berry Relentless, chocolate and shortbread. I should be a lot more awake really, but right now am not and am really starting to think that this is unhealthy. A diet of high sugar and not much else, OK my weights dropped off, but I am either hyperactive and nuts or sleeping for hours, and even days on end. Need to get back in sync methinks...

Love you all
Wendy x


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